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About Cooler Bars

Cooler Bars Product Introduction – Developed by Mr. Boris Branwhite in 1992 - 93 during his research in U.S.A. and Australia on various applications of Polymers including soil stabilization, water and fertilizer retention, and re-establishment of vegetation in arid zones and desert. During his research with Phillips 66, Boris discovered that one of the polymers absorbed only pure H2o and small amounts of salt. Absorbing only H2o and not fertilizers would not be beneficial for agricultural purposes where soil improvement is needed.... Boris, always thinking, recalled a WWI fact -

During WWI one of the many Women’s Leagues in Australia created and developed an idea that would keep their sons and soldiers cool while fighting in Europe. By taking wheat berries and sewing them into cloth in tube like shapes small enough to use as wrist bands. The idea being that one would soak the wrist band in water allowing the wheat berries to absorb the fluid. Then once placed on the wrist it would keep cooling as long as the wheat berries remained moist.

Boris with help took the H2o absorbing polymer, created a test neck band. Upon further testing of materials and polymer quantity, Boris created a high performance personal neck cooler. Establishing our first COOLER BAR.

Cooler Bars Product Information – Cooler Bars are made with the highest quality Super absorbent polyacrylamide crystal, which absorbs only pure H2o and small amounts of salt. Not to be confused with common polyacrylamide crystal used for agricultural purposes or the type available in the local gardening center.

We use the only a special blend of material that was tested to be the strongest and has the most wicking properties, giving Cooler Bars greater cooling properties compared to similar products on the market. The product is triple stitched to ensure strength.
Our 2005 cut length is 40” giving our finished product a length from 35 ½” to 37 ½” once fully charged, the longest stock cut length on the market.

Cooler Bar diameter ranges from 1 ½” to 3”.
Available in a variety of colors, all solid colors.
Non Toxic and safe for the environment.
A portion of all proceeds is contributed to the environment research of Mr. Boris Branwhite.


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