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Cooler Bar Uses

  • Wrap to Cool your neck and the blood flow to the brain and brain stem.
  • Allow clearer brain function in hot environment.
  • Reduce perspiration rate and reduce the possibility of dehydration.
  • Help reduce headache pain
  • Help with local swelling due to sprain or sport injury when used with iced water.
  • Lower the chance of body melt down due to extended physical exercise.
  • Can be used as a hot pack when soaked in water then heated in a microwave oven for a short time on low or soaked in hot water.
  • Foremen can keep their crews cool and more alert. Receive better productivity and more stamina on the jobsite.
  • Workers keep output and productivity level up when cool.
  • Emergency relief item for power outage
  • Perfect to include in your First aid kit in you ethical or car.
  • Use as little as 2 cup of water to charge the neck cooler for use when water is at a premium
  • Outdoor activities can be over heating at time use a neck wrap to cool down so you can continue to enjoy the summer time events.
  • Wear a neck cooler between your rounds of golf for a clearer head when you play.
  • Tennis fans can enjoy the cooling effect of their own personal cooler while watching their favorites play in many of the great outdoor event held during the summer and hot months of the year
  • Road workers can keep their head cooler for better mind function and alertness up by keeping cooler on the jobsite, Cooler Bars can help.
  • Cross walk guards, outdoor food vendors and news paper vendors can remain cooler in the heat of the day, make the chance of profits greater by excellent customer service
  • Use Cooler Bars in the day time and in the night time, any time you need a little or allot of cooling just charge up a neck wrap and put it to use keeping you cool

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Keep checking back to see our latest products. Coming soon we'll have cooling vests, cooling helmet rings, and more. We also can help keep your animals cool with cooling collars and cooling blankets coming soon!

Do Not Charge or swim with or in salt water or in the ocean, The polymer crystals can dissolve in pure saltwater. Meant for use on the beach, on the water as in a boat or jet ski


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