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COOLER BAR uses a special polymer crystal that absorbs water. This polymer is of the highest grade and has been approved for use by the Environmental Protection Agency - USA and Occupational Safety Health Authority - USA. In Australia it has been granted a MSDS for safety standards. The Cooler Bars are made out of poly-cotton material and filled with expanding polymer crystals.

It looks like a necktie, after soaking the Cooler Bar in water for about an hour the crystals expand, then the Cooler Bar can be worn around the neck or forehead. Great for staying cool while doing outdoor work, sports, gardening, bush walking, camping and for the elderly.

Cooler Bar employs high grade polymer crystals that take up to 400% of their own volume in water and can retain this water for up to 3 days using the surface evaporative effect to continue the cooling.

They are available in assorted plain colors our most popular being dark green, pale blue, dark blue, light red, aqua, purple, white, black, hot pink and orange. The material is made of - Polyester 65% Cotton 35%. The length of the product is about 26" but can be made to order.

Maintain your COOLER BAR: Simply allow to fully dry, wash in warm water with your favorite shampoo, rinse well and allow to dry. Repeat entire process if needed. Store Your COOLER BAR when fully dry in a damp free environment.

Due to the competitive prices of our product, replacement (if necessary) is as inexpensive as a happy meal.

When placed around your neck the evaporation of water will -

              • Cool your neck and the blood flow to the brain and brain stem.
              • Allow clearer brain function in hot environment.
              • Reduce perspiration rate and reduce the possibility of dehydration.
              • Help reduce headache pain
              • Help with local swelling due to sprain or sport injury when used with iced water.
              • Lower the chance of body melt down due to extended physical exercise.
              • Can be used as a hot pack when soaked in water then heated in a microwave oven or soaked in hot water.


With each COOLER BAR you can expect up 25 or more full charges (a charge is when the COOLER BAR has absorbed water up to it's max capacity) after that your cooler bar will still charge up with water but may not completely fill the necktie. You can get another 15 or so charges in this state also. SO this means your COOLER BAR will last for many months of highly functional use.
Your COOLER BAR will stay charged in a usable state for approximately 3 days without the need to recharge it.

Do Not Charge or swim with or in salt water or in the ocean, The polymer crystals can dissolve in pure saltwater. Meant for use on the beach, on the water as in a boat or jet ski.


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