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Each Neck Cooler Bar Donates to the Environment!

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Manufacturing Personal neck coolers since 1992

Wholesale Products that are popular and easy to sell!

Store owners, concession vendors and those who travel with trade shows,
Cooler Bar products can increase your product line and boost your summer time sales!
Join a Growing number of satisfied dealers!

Check Out our Counter Top Displays!

Have high a traffic business?

        • COOLER BARS© Will help keep customers lined up at your booth on hot days!
        • Optimize COOLER BARS for your business by having us add your Company name on our item inserts.
        • Quality assured. COOLER BARS© - Original inventors of the polymer neck cooler. Toughest design on the market!
        • COOLER BARS are filled to max capacity with crystal (from 2" to 3" in diameter when filled) and are the longest on the market at 40 inches long!

Box - Counter Top Display

This display comes with a 6" x 5" advertising header with an area to place any retail price needed. This unit will hold approximately 15 COOLER BARS, also this unit takes up very little room with a 8" x 6" footprint.

High Impact Counter Top Spinning Displays

This unit has the ability to hold from 24 to over 60 COOLER BARS making it possible to display all the colors very easily and professionally. The "Spinner display" comes only in black with different size center rings and hooks available. The size of the rings and hooks determines the quantity of units the "Spinner display" can hold. The "Spinner display" has a sign holder on the top, we provide a small sign to advertise your product in this spot, the removable sign lets you use the "Spinner display" all year long by allowing you to remove the COOLER BAR sign and product and replace it with your own sign and winter stock items making the display an even more valuable tool. The size of the "Spinner display" is approximately - 9 1/2" base x 24" high and the hook width is from 14" to 16".


Neck Wrap since 1992

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"SPORTS"© Series

Dog, Animal Cooling Collars & Blankets

Sports Injuries Hot/Cold Packs

NEW! Ice Vest Coming Soon


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