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Who Uses Cooler Bars

    Athletes, or everyone who participates in any sport knows what its like to get hot, sweaty, and run down. With Cooler Bars you can relax and cool down as you do your thing, stay cool all day while engaging in the sport that you enjoy. Athletes, wearing them on your head or neck will cool your blood down and make playing much more enjoyable. The list of Sporting use of Cooler bars in Australia includes Triathlon, Iron Man, Marathon, Cycling, Cricket, Rugby, Little Athletics', where children love them and even a Sydney to Brisbane marathon Jet Ski record attempt participants used COOLER BARS to overcome the heat at sea. Motorcyclists have reported that the Cooler bar is like an air conditioner in their helmet, blowing cool air throughout the helmet.

    Bird Watching - Whether you're bird watching in the back yard or out in the field, COOLER BARS© will keep you cool and comfortable for hours while you wait to see your favorite species! Stay cool while scoping out your favorite avian species. Everyone who enjoys bird watching will enjoy the comfort and convenience of cooler bars. Go all day without having to worry about re-charging. Field birders armature or professional can benefit from Cooler Bars. Hike, walk or sit all day with you own personal evaporative cooler! Cooler Bars come in a variety of colors to match almost any outfit you have. Can be worn under collar or shirt also.
    Construction Work - Working in the construction industry, there's usually no air conditioning around. Now Construction Foremen and workers can keep from overheating due to work conditions and weather. Equipment operators, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, welders, HAVOC installers, roofers, stucco crews, landscapers, labors and anyone in the construction field will benefit from COOLER BARS. The Cooler bar has been used extensively in the home construction work industry in Australia, covering all phases of construction. Earthmoving crew, Concreting crew, framers, roofers, brick layers, and then the landscapers have all successfully used the Cooler bar to overcome the stresses of working under the sun in hot conditions.
    It's definitely difficult to keep cool in the summer, especially when digging or framing in the sun. Lower your body temperature by wearing a COOLER BAR. Keeping cool is easier with COOLER BARS.

    Cowboys and Farmhands - Being cowboys or a farmhand is hard, hot work. Keep motivated and alert by being cool. Cowboys, or Living on a ranch means getting up early and going to bed late. The heat from the sun and work can drain your energy. Use COOLER BARS to help stay sharp and alert when doing the daily chores and activities that cowboys and ranch hands are responsible for.
    Ranch owners - Keep your ranch hands cool and with more stamina by having them wear a Cooler Bar!
    Farm owners - Keep your field hands cool while in the summer sun. Being cool means more and better production from your workers.
    What better way to stay cool than COOLER BARS©! Simply wrap around the neck after charging and easily work or ride all day staying fresh and cool! Great for everyone on the ranch from trail hands to cooks, everyone benefits from the use of Cooler Bars! Get one for the little cowboys in your life too!

    Elderly - The elderly, whether in retirement homes or nursing hostels, can all take advantage of the cooling powers of the Cooler Bar, as it will take the edge off the effects of heat, felt more by the elderly. With the elderly, hot flashes become a thing of the past, and the cooling effect from the Cooler Bar will continue to ward off the effects of heat stress, with the results of more comfort for the person, whether indoors or outdoors. After noticing a tendency to purchase one of my products by elderly menopausal women in the early 1990's, we commenced some preliminary research into the claimed effects from the product by the people who were wearing them. This led me to the conclusion that a slight reduction in body heat was significant enough to relieve the uncomfortable symptoms produced by Menopause. More recently, both patients and staff at an aged hostel have reported major relief from symptoms whilst using COOLER BARS.

    Firefighters - If there's a job where you can expect to be hot, it's Fire Fighting. COOLER BARS© can even help firefighters stay cool in a situation like this. Stay cool even in intense conditions. Hotshot crews, firefighters, urban and rural, can all stay cool with COOLER BARS. Some fires require firefighters to spend long hours and even days in intense heat or enduring hard physical labor. Smoke Jumpers, Firefighters, camp crews, aircraft personnel and pilots wear COOLER BARS. Inexpensive, easily replaceable, will not harm the environment, Charges in as little as 2 1/2" cups of water (8 to 16 cups recommended), full charge lasts up to 3 days, recharge 25 times and more, tough design holds up for long use.

    After having COOLER BARS© approved by occupational health and safety, New South Wales Fire Brigade in 1992, the use of the Cooler bar during the big bushfires that ravaged the Sydney area created a lot of feedback. One Fireman, being caught in a firestorm used the Cooler bar over his mouth to help him breathe. He survived to tell us about it.

    Mobile Fire brigade Canteens ran a recharging service, and kept Cooler bars in buckets of iced water for the Firemen to replace as they came in for a break.

    Many Public Service Occupations can also benefit from the cooling effect of COOLER BARS : Crossing Guards, Police, correctional/ institutional personnel, and any other occupation where being outdoors in the sun is required.

    Fishing & Sport Fishing - When fishing, water can intensify the effect of the sun. Keeping your cool with COOLER BARS can help you concentrate on your next strike! Use it while fly, saltwater, bass, deep sea, night fishing and more! Allows crew members to be alert and ready for your next strike! Keeps you cool while while you fish! Charge a COOLER BAR the morning you go out and have it ready when the sun starts getting hot! lasts all day long! Take a few for your friends and family too! keep them on ice for really hot days. Great for lakes, streams, oceans, and anywhere you fish too.

    Gardening - Gardeners will enjoy the cooling effect of COOLER BARS when working hard in the sun.
    Stay cool while enjoying the pleasure of gardening. Gardening is everyone's hobby, and everyone knows how much work gardening, turning soil, fertilizing or planting can all be. Hot and exhausting work can be made less stressful when you're cooler. Use COOLER BARS to keep the sun off of the back of your neck while working in the garden, doing yard work or any other outdoor activities. Yard work can be hot and sweaty also, but with COOLER BARS, you'll be cooler, be less dehydrated and get more done! Even just relaxing in the yard can be nicer with a COOLER BAR!

    Hiking - Hiking is a great way to enjoy the outdoors. Keep cool while hiking with COOLER BARS and make your time outdoors a more gratifying experience.

    Hiking is great exercise, but everyone knows how hot, sweaty and dehydrated you can get. Well now you can hike for hours and be comfortable! Hiking is fun and with Cooler Bars you can hike longer with more stamina due to being cooler. Dehydration is a risk during exercise, but if you keep cooler, you'll sweat less. This will make you more comfortable, and able to enjoy the view. At the end of the day, if you have sore muscles, you can use it as an ice pack.

    Mining & Miners - Mining is one of the industries where Work Safety Standards make a real difference to the safety of Mining Crews. Mining conditions can be dangerous and require miners to have a mental acuity that is difficult to attain when the work environment is hot. COOLER BARS can assist by increasing the comfort level of the miners, allowing their mind to concentrate on the task, not on their uncomfortable feelings. Foremen keep their men happier with Cooler Bars! Get more productivity and better results from your crew by keeping them cooler! By being cooler they can pay more attention to what's going on around them and reduce the risk of injury while increasing productivity and stamina and staying cooler while working! When chilled, can be used as an ice pack for strains and headaches. Use as a hot pack too! Cooling Vests and Helmet Rings coming soon, so check back or email us to join our mailing list, and get updated on new products as they come out. Discounts on large orders, and distributors are welcome.

    Miners, find your local association

    NASCAR® Racing Fans - NASCAR racing fans deserve to be cool at the track and enjoy all racing has to offer. That's hard to do when your hot and uncomfortable. No Trees, No Shade, No Lemonade, sweating it out in the searing sun in the stands. Well, have we got a solution for you!!! As a NASCAR racing fan, COOLER BARS are one of the essentials when going to your favorite racing event. Whether your a fan of NASCAR , the BUCSH series, the CRAFTSMAN TRUCK'S, or your personal favorites out at the local dirt tracks, COOLER BARS keeps you cooler and helps you enjoy the racing more.

    Nascar Racing Fans - Nascar Home page

    Your cooler bar will be there keeping you cool, all day on a single charge. All Racing Fans will be comfortable waiting in lines at the concession stands or for the restrooms, or while walking around the pit area, checking out your favorite cars or getting your favorite drivers signature.

    Sports Fans - All sports fans can benefit from the cooling effect of COOLER BARS, helping to keep you alert and comfortable. Avoid dehydration and heat stroke by reducing perspiration. Sports Clubs like rowing clubs will find great benefit in COOLER BARS while training, due to the fact that members will be able to maintain stamina in the heat.

    Athletes of all types, can benefit from COOLER BARS. People who enjoy activities like golf, tennis, hiking, walking, horse riding, will enjoy the cool feeling. They're great for soccer, football and baseball, basketball, even for extreme sporting!
    Wear them to events like auto races to keep cool in the stands.

    Use them to keep cool while doing exercise like cycling, mountain biking, dirt biking, freestyle biking, extreme biking, motocross, and desert riding.

    When you're all done playing, use them for sore muscles too, as a hot or cold compress soaked in water then heated in a microwave oven or soaked in hot water or put into an ice chest or refrigerator for use as a cold pack.

    COOLER BARS neck wrap cool the blood flow to the brain, which helps keep your whole body cooler. It's amazing how much more stamina you can have for your favorite activity, whether you're in the stands, or playing hard. Keep checking back to see our latest products. Coming soon we'll have cooling vests, cooling helmet rings, and more. We also can help keep your animals cool with cooling collars and cooling blankets coming soon!

    Truck Drivers - Transportation Companies - Keep your truck drivers safe, cool, alert and able to concentrate on the road!
    In the transportation industry, everyone knows just how hot it can get driving. Whether you drive as a professional truck driver, or taxicab driver, or personally just to the store in town, or across the country, Cooler Bars are great heat relief. Don't have time to stop? Stuck in traffic somewhere while driving? With you’re fully charged Cooler Bar it's no sweat! Just wrap it around your neck, sit back and relax! Let your personal cooler bar work for you. Works even better with the a/c on! Keep one on your neck and one hanging in the vehicle for road side emergencies.

    Dehydration and Driving Testimonial

    "Driving between 100 thousand and 200 thousand miles per year is not uncommon for drivers in large countries like Australia and the United States of America. My journeys into the outbackof Australia have become far more comfortable since i started using Coolerbar neck coolers. As the temperature regularly reaches 50 degrees celsius and above, concentrating while i drive becomes more difficult -until i met Coolerbars. Now i have a fully charged one hanging on the handgrip above the passengers window getting cold with the airflow over it, or hanging in front of the air conditioning, and when the one i am wearing starts feeling normal from the heat it has absorbed from my neck, I swap them over. There have even been incidents where i have come across accident scenes, and the spare Coolerbar was a real help making the injured driver more comfortable until the ambulance arrived. I have a Taxi driver friend who swears by them too. He carries a spare for himself, a sample for the passenger to look at, and a container with iced water charging ones to sell to the passengers! He has even sold Coolerbars to drivers stuck in the heavy Sydney traffic beside him."
    COOLER BARS cool the blood flow to the brain, which helps keep your whole body cooler. It's amazing how much more stamina you can have for any activity in the transportation industry.


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